Today I was walking north on the beach; the water was sparkling, the sand was warm, and the sun was glorious.  I turned to leave the beach and was gobsmacked by the view below.  This view captures “The World’s Most Famous Beach” in all its frustrating glory.

Typical Daytona Beach

Here, in one picture, are all four design elements of our older beachside neighborhoods -the indifference, the decrepit, the thoughtless, and the beautiful.  First you see a relatively fine fence that no one cared to paint the same color, classic indifference.  Just beyond the fence of indifference, a perfect example of decrepit design; an older home that once could have been saved but is now waiting to be torn down; waiting so long the tarps are wearing out.  Midfield is the graceful upper facade of a building newly painted in the thoughtless design theme, brown and dried blood; colors of stains you hope never to find on your upholstery and colors rarely seen in any other beach front community.  And in the background, is a breath taking example of the beautiful.  The Streamline Hotel was once a decrepit Deco building, rescued from indifference and honored with renovation.  (Their rooftop bar is amazing!!)

Imagine how much better this would look if the entire fence were painted white, the house was torn down, and the brown/blood building was painted pale yellow and soft tangerine.  Imagine how little it would take to achieve that charming view.  It would be a view so charming and inviting that perhaps you’d want to leave the beach and explore the neighborhood.  Imagine that.

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